Live on the Robert Elms show

I had an exciting day, musically and scientifically! I played Everything Must Change live on the Robert Elms show on BBC Radio London. Joe came along to accompany me. I was going to accompany myself, but bottled it! Next time. The piano in the studio had been rescued from a skip and had some ‘personality traits’ that would have added stress if I’d been playing. Robert Elms and Any and Phil in the production team were all so welcoming that it felt like having a chat with your mates. You can listen to it on iplayer. I’m on at 12.30.

Scientifically it was an exciting day because our latest paper was published. We have identified a new gene that causes a childhood kidney cancer called Wilms tumor. It stimulated quite a lot of interest and I did another BBC interview – for BBC World Service – on it in the evening!